Jump Start is an intensive program by Prio, the fastest moving energy company in Portugal, that will power up your solution, put you face-to-face with who decides and allow you to co-create the future of energy and mobility. If you’re developing a kick-ass solution in any of these areas we’re looking for you.

Do you have a solution in any of these areas?

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new business

Electric Mobility
Car Sharing
Smart Grid Solutions
Fuel stations of the future


Advanced biofuel technology
Predictive maintenance
IoT in Manufacturing
Manufacturing robots


Digitalization of downstream oil
Distribution & in-home service
Cyber Quality Solutions
IoT in LPG cylinder market


In-store retail tech
Stock Management
Customer Flow
Smart video surveillance


Loyalty card management
Digital loyalty card programs


Quality service assurance
Automated intelligent alerts


Delivery tracking
Order or fleet management
Route optimization
Truck travel information


Big Data
Client Behavior analysis
Dynamic client segmentation
Aggregation of customer data



We’re looking for the most innovative solutions that can disrupt energy and mobility.


Prio top management and Beta-i will be looking for the 15 best fitting startups to participate in JUMPSTART


3-day intensive startup program for the 15 selected startups. The most promising matches will get the chance to pilot their solutions with Prio


The 5 startups with the best fit will be able to further test and develop their products in a co-funded and co-worked pilot by Prio. For over 6 months the selected entrepreneurs will benefit from Prio’s expertise, wide network, range of activities and over 200 fuelling stations across the country.

How can this program jump start my startup?


Speed things up with the support of Prio and get relevant intros from day one

cross the line

Test your solutions and run pilots with Prio, one of the most competitive, young and innovative companies in the energy and mobility sectors


Get ready to prove that your solution can be useful to meet different industry necessities and the most demanding clients needs

grow beyond

Take advantage of the heavy growth of Prio and be propelled through an influential player


Benefit from tech partnerships within the mobility sector that will bring you deal flow, mentorship, expertise and fire power

power up

Power up your startup by enjoying the joint synergies of Prio and Beta-i, one of the main startup accelerators in Europe


<strong>Pedro Morais Leitão</strong>
Pedro Morais LeitãoCEO, Growth Expert
<strong>Emanuel Proença</strong>
Emanuel ProençaBoard Member - Gas, Supply, Innovation
<strong>Nuno Correia</strong>
Nuno CorreiaBoard Member - Biofuels & Product
<strong>Ricardo Coimbra</strong>
Ricardo CoimbraDirect Sales & Wholesales
<strong>Cláudio Leal</strong>
Cláudio LealGas Unit
<strong>Jorge Quintaneiro</strong>
Jorge QuintaneiroEngineering, Constructions
<strong>Miguel Moreira</strong>
Miguel MoreiraDigital, Disruption
<strong>Tiago Cachim</strong>
Tiago CachimInformation Systems
<strong>Cristina Correia</strong>
Cristina CorreiaInternal Innovation
<strong>Ana Pinho</strong>
Ana PinhoMarketing
<strong>Francisco Mendes</strong>
Francisco MendesOperations, Gas Stations, Stores
<strong>Luís Martins</strong>
Luís MartinsBoard Member - Gas Stations & Expansion
<strong>Manuel Tânger</strong>
Manuel TângerCo-founder & Head of Innovation at Beta-i
<strong>Pedro Rocha Vieira</strong>
Pedro Rocha VieiraCo-founder & CEO at Beta-i
<strong>Tomé Pereira Canas</strong>
Tomé Pereira CanasInnovation Coordinator at The Navigator Company
<strong>Rene Bastijans</strong>
Rene BastijansChief Product Officer at Embritive

Who is backing me up?

Since 2006 PRIO distributes and comercializes liquid fuels, having a tank terminal located in Aveiro (for stockage and independent primary logistics) as well as its own biodiesel factory. It’s 100% funded by Portuguese capital and it’s the only Iberian gas company with 3 certificates for quality, safety and environment.
Prio’s network includes over 200 fuel stations across Portugal and any client can check where the nearest one is located by accessing Prio’s mobile application.


Beta-i is one of the main entrepreneurship and innovation organizations in Europe. It helps new and established businesses grow the startup way, by running acceleration and innovation programs, organizing events, promoting investment and creating great work spaces. Recognized as one of the world most active startup accelerators and by Wired magazine as “the top incubator in town”, since 2010 it has received 4000+ startup applications to its programs and accelerated over 600 startups, that raised +60M, having also 12.000+ people attending Beta-i’s events.


Are you ready to disrupt the energy and mobility market?

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