Every day, Prio sees people come and go. Some come rushing in and cut to the chase, while others take their time and think things through. For all of those, Prio is more than just a pit stop. Prio is in their daily lives fueling their power.

Today, Prio wants to go further and push progess to fuel your dreams. Why? Because we picture a better society. We imagine a more efficient and sustainable world. Just 10 years ago, we have walked the walk, and just like you, we started the startup way.

So we know that it takes more than just ideas. It takes more than a business model or a great product. If you want to start a change in the world, you need The courage to be the first. You have to fight against all odds, just as David fought Goliath. And this is what startups do. Right?

This is why Prio is launching Jump Start, the new energy and mobility boot-camp. We’ll be powering up new ideas, products and ambitious entrepreneurs. From electric mobility to retail, from costumer insights solutions to industrial production, Prio will help businesses take off. We want to see you move off the grid and jump start your business. So that, together, we can continue to fuel progress.